Sacred Heart will be hosting on September 16, 2018 at 10AM our neigboring sister parishes of Holy Child Jesus and Sacred Heart Canton for a combined Mass.  This an effort  to respond to the Diocesean Pastoral of Plan. One of the priority is to create inviting and reconciling communities around the Diocese of Jackson. 

We are inviting parishoners, families and friends of Sacred Heart Camden to join us on Sunday September 16 to welcome our guests.

During our Summer Program we have a 4 Day Basketball Camp, where professional coaches  help our children improve their performance on the Basketball court and build on team work and collaboration.  

Sacred Heart Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

Building on the past and journeying toward the future. 

March 26, 2017, We gathered to celebrate the rebirth of Sacred Heart; we claimed our history, we claimed our story.  We honor our past to proclaim our future.  We gave God due praise for God has been mighty good to us. 


It was a good summer and our children had a blast during their seven weeks of what they call “summer camp”. It is actually an enrichment program, more like “summer school”, but they were having too much fun to notice! The ones who do notice are the parents and teachers. We often receive feedback on how well prepared their children begin their new academic year. Besides the academics, students also developed and improved skills through our Basketball and Baseball Camps. Skills such as team work, collaboration, conflict resolution and of course for some the basics of these sports. Over 100 children have participated in our programs within the last few years. This means that at least 50 families with school age children benefited from the service that Sacred Heart provides each summer. With such a large participation for such small rural community, we believe that it is worthwhile to keep offering this summer programs year after year
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